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Employee Health Treatment

When a minor illness or injury happens at the workplace, it can wreak havoc on your routine. Our well-honed system offers the highest-quality medical care to businesses and their employees in the communities we serve.
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Competitive “out-of-network” medical care for employers

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Low self-pay visits for employees

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Urgent and long-term primary care services available

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Little-to-no wait times with access 24/7 in-person or online

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Diagnosis and treatment in one visit to get your employees better quickly

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We can give you the paperwork you need if you want to ask your insurance company to reimburse you for out-of-network services.

Business Health Services

Urgent Care 24/7 remains a leader in providing 24/7 access to quality medical treatment for households across the country. This led us to partner with small businesses to offer employers 24/7 access to medical treatment for their employees, day or night.

As an “out-of-network” provider, we can spend more time with our patients, provide a higher quality of care, and offer more affordable rates than an ER for your employees. Without stressing over complicated insurance.

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Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing are an important part of keeping your employees on the right track to success. Urgent Care 24/7 is your affordable health care facility that makes these  pre-employment or ongoing drug screenings easy, convenient, and reliable!

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Employee Covid-19 Testing

Urgent Care 24/7 remains a leader in Covid-19 testing and treatment. With the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandate rolling out, employers need to protect their employees or be subject to fines. We offer competitive employer pricing for weekly Rapid Covid-19 testing to companies of all sizes with same-day results.

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Medical Clearance

Urgent Care 24/7 provides medical clearance or evaluation on behalf of surgeons for patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. This includes a physical exam, health history check, and implementation of health guidelines and recommendations on behalf of our partner surgeons. 

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