An Open Letter from Our Founder

Recent recommendations regarding health care workers returning to work while they are still Covid positive defiles the first lesson taught in medical school, “First, do no harm.”​​​ This new policy desecrates the Hippocratic Oath and is not in the best interest of patients nor employees. By knowingly returning covid positive employees back into the workforce, they are exposing our most vulnerable to unnecessary risk.

We will NEVER support a public health decision that is not in the best interest of public health. As physicians, we are trained to study the science, to constantly observe, to think logically, and use common sense.

At Urgent Care 24/7, we bring the promise of "first, do no harm" and our Hippocratic Oath together to practice the art of medicine for every patient as if they were our own friends or family members. Would you want a known Covid-positive health care worker taking care of you, your friends or relatives? Of course not!

At Urgent Care 24/7, you can trust that all of our providers on duty are always healthy and safe to provide our patients the best care possible.

- Jerry K. Williams, MD
Why are health care workers being told to go to work when they’re Covid positive?

What Happened to "First, Do No Harm?"

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“Absolute insanity!”

-Jerry K. Williams, MD, founder Urgent Care 24/7

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“We would never do that.”

-Jerry K. Williams, MD founder Urgent Care 24/7

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It is our duty to do that which is right and we will keep doing it.

-Jerry K. Williams, MD founder Urgent Care 24/7

The industrial-medical complex is afraid...

... of inadequate staffing in hospitals and clinics to the detriment of their patients.

... they’ll lose insurance reimbursement if they can’t keep their patient load up.

... they’ll be leaving money on the table.

The Problems with This Tactic...

It needlessly puts patients in harm’s way.

  • Health care staff already work in a high-stress environment. That reduces their immunity and makes them even more susceptible to the virus.
  • They will travel around the hospital, posing a risk to all who are there.
  • They ARE doing harm.

Why Urgent Care 24/7 Is Better

We will never let a patient be treated by a Covid-diagnosed staff member.

  • We hold ourselves to a much greater standard than this.
  • We care too much for our patients and colleagues to do this.
  • We remember to first, do no harm… 24/7, 365.


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If you want more context on what’s going wrong with the industrial-medical complex, then read the full Associated Press article.