What to Know About Puncture Wounds to the Feet

August 1, 2022

Dr. Jerry Williams of Urgent Care 24/7 discusses a summer warm weather problem, puncture wound to the feet. Now that we have warmer weather, people are going to be going around barefoot more frequently and unfortunately puncture wounds happen, especially to the feet from stepping on a sharp object.

First of all, Dr. Williams encourages you encourage encourage you to wear shoes as prevention is worth 10 pounds of cure. So by all means, please wear shoes where if you're in the water, where water shoes, and Urgent Care 24/7 encourages you to always always wear shoes outside to avoid these kinds of injuries because they can be really, really devastating.

Now, if if you get a puncture window, it's incredibly important that you handle the wound appropriately. Dr. Williams explains to you what that is. First of all, this is not overkill, because but you have to understand that a puncture wound to the foot is considered a "dirty wound" that can cause very, very severe problems including osteomyelitis, which is infection of the bone of the foot, which is can just be devastating.

It is extremely important that if you get a puncture in the foot, you treat it very seriously and you go seek medical care. First and foremost, we always think about this, we stepped on a nail. Oh my gosh, I got to make sure my tetanus shot is up to date. So if your tetanus shot is, is over five years, you need to go get a tetanus shot immediately. If you go into get seen for a puncture wound don't be surprised that x rays may be done because especially with rusty nails, there can be a foreign body where the rusty nail can leave a piece in the puncture wound.

Your medical provider will irrigate the wound as thoroughly as possible after giving you some local anesthesia around the wound so they can effectively irrigate it and clean it out and put you on an antibiotic. Because infections from puncture wounds can be very, very severe.

Puncture wounds can be unique because they create what's called an aerobic environment where there's not a lot of oxygen in those wounds because of the nature of the depth and the narrowness of the puncture wound itself. That can cause the problems that can lead to severe infections, the depth and the inability of that wound to drain. Because what happens is the body immediately with these puncture wounds, because of how small the puncture wound, the actual wound itself is the tract will close and that seals off the ability for the wound to drain.

So if you've got a puncture wound by all means, seek medical care immediately. Not just to make sure that you're getting that tetanus shot up to date if it's been less than five years. But remember, puncture wounds on the foot are considered dirty wounds and antibiotics are absolutely necessary.

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