What to Know About Pet Safety and Children

December 15, 2022

Dr. Jerry Williams of Urgent Care 24/7 discusses how to avoid the most common injuries between pets and children.

Don't forget, Dr. Williams is a people doctor. So you're probably confused why in the world, he has Yogi here in the picture with him, because he's going to talk to you a little bit about pet safety and your kids. Now listen, Dr. Jerry, has 23 dogs. So even though he's a doctor, he's kind of crazy about his pets. But he wants to talk to you about safety, because we see a good number of pet related injuries.

Most of them are avoidable, and he wants to talk about that. Now, Yogi is great around kids, he's great around Dr. Williams grandchildren, and is never been a problem, and most pets aren't. But you know, even the best pet can be provoked into an unpleasant encounter like a bite. So we have to be super careful about kids around even the best of pets. Now, one of the couple things that he's seen happen in keeping in mind is that we're a national urgent care company. So we're seeing 10s of 1000s of patients a month. So we see cases though, and usually it's an accident, usually, it's something that when you look back on the situation is completely avoidable.

It ends up creating a bad situation with of course, the patient who gets hurt, but also with the relationship with the pet and the household. So we really want to try to avoid those situations. So one of the more common things he sees is when a child a young child is unnecessarily rough with the animal, which means they're pulling on their ears on their tail because mom or dad happened to turn their backs for just a minute and something like that happens where they grab hold of their whiskers. The other thing that happens is that the animals are asleep, and they're startled away and they'll snap when they awake because they're actually startled. Dr. Williams just wanted to keep in mind that it's incredibly important that you think about these kinds of situations. So if you can avoid an unnecessary injury like this just by thinking ahead with your pet and making sure you don't make these kinds of careless mistakes with your pet. Everybody will be a lot happier.

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