What is a Primary Health Care Plan?

December 15, 2022

Dr. Jerry Williams of Urgent Care 24/7 discusses our problem solving for patients who have high deductible health plans, which is most of us these days, and how we're helping our patient populations throughout the country deal with this problem. Urgent Care 247 has what we call the primary health care plan for a long time.

It's essentially prepaid medical were a list of services that you have access to throughout the year, for a flat fee per month. What we have found of late is that we needed to update and expand our list of services to help meet the needs of most patients. We've recently updated our primary health care plan, and Dr. Williams wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

For $99 a month, you get unlimited visits, you get unlimited visits with a $25 per visit copay. You get basic routine labs done every year, one time a year included at no charge at all, no extra charge, you get two free telemedicine visits each year.

Some procedures are included at no additional charge, an EKG once a year, you get discounts of up to 35% on all tests, procedures and medications that are not included in our plan. For a patient and one dependent. It's $179 a month. Our family plan is $249 a month.

What we have found is that when people are able to have a predictable, fixed cost per month, they know they can get their urgent care and primary care handled for throughout the year, that makes their budgeting and makes their life easier.

Whereas with a high deductible plan and you go get an executive physical I mean, it can be $3,000 it can be very expensive. Our primary health care plan is a great value and gives you the opportunity to predict your primary care and urgent care costs and to level those out during the year in a way that is feasible for most people and minimizes the surprises of not just primary care, but urgent care as well underneath your deductible with your health insurance plan.

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