The Importance of Vitamin D - Part I

December 15, 2022

Dr. Joe DeStefano of Urgent Care 24/7 discusses Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is interesting. It's poorly named, when Dr. DeStefano was an undergrad in biochemistry, and the professor first drove, drew up the structure of vitamin D and put on the blackboard. All of us looked at and said, "That's a hormone structure, that's not really a vitamin", and literally know how right we were." Now we now know that vitamin D is a pro hormone. Early in his education, they were taught that vitamin D, regulated your calcium levels and helped you build strong bones and teeth, and were largely taught that it was the only function of vitamin D.

As the research progressed, we've found the barcode is right. It's a pro hormone. It directly by vitamin D, binds 300 different genes and counting. So this may be the most important vitamin in your body. Earlier, Dr. DeStefano always said it was B12. But vitamin D is giving it a run for the money. Vitamin D in addition to calcium and bone metabolism, is important.

One of the earliest signs we have somebody who may have a vitamin D deficiency is spontaneous fractures, and people that shouldn't have spontaneous fractures. Dr. DeStefano's earliest pickup of a vitamin D deficiency was severe was a young muscular male who spontaneously broke his tibia running across the street.

Vitamin D level for normal lab was 25. We think healthy now is 60 or better.

Come back tomorrow for Part II in the Series.

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