Jellyfish Stings - Safety and Treatment

December 15, 2022

It is Jellyfish season and they are out in record numbers on the Georgia and South Carolina beaches! Recent reports indicate as many as 2300 stings have already been reported on Hilton Head Island alone and July has barely begun. That doesn't even include the reports from Savannah's own Tybee Island, GA. Jellyfish stings can range from annoying to severely painful to life threatening. There are a variety of jellyfish species and some cause more pain and harm than others. It’s important to seek proper care following a sting as some stings can cause a lot of problems and secondary immune reactions. The timeline for treatment can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. It's important to know what to do if you are stung.

What NOT To Do When You are Stung By A Jellyfish

There are a couple of things that you should NOT do. Do not put fresh water on the sting as tempting as it may be. This will actually increase the release of venom from the thousands of tiny stingers called nematocysts. It’s an old wives tale that you can urinate on a jellyfish sting. This will not address the pain the sting has caused.

Temporary Pain Relief From A Jellyfish Sting

For temporary pain relief, you can immerse the area in warm salt water. A lifeguard may treat you with a vinegar spray to help dull the pain. It’s still important to see a professional since the jellyfish nematocysts release poison into your bloodstream. If you can’t get immediate medical help, you can take a card and try to scrape off the nematocysts as much as possible. It’s still important to seek care and treatment for the jellyfish sting since scraping with the card is not one hundred percent effective.

Medical Care and Treatment For Jellyfish Stings

Be warned that a jellyfish sting will often appear to start healing over a day or two and then have an extreme and painful flare up several days later. Rashes, swelling, and raised red marks can appear at the site of the sting. Burning, itching, and severe pain are often a side effect of the jellyfish sting.

If you get stung by a jellyfish:

  • Get out of the water and find medical care
  • If your tetanus shot is out of date, get one immediately


It’s wise to take precautions on any trip to the beach and to check with local officials or lifeguards to find out if jellyfish are prevalent. From now until fall, it’s prime jellyfish season. They especially like dusk so you might want to avoid the waves especially during that time. It’s advised to wear a special suit during jellyfish season, especially if you will be spending time in known infested waters or spending extended time in them. If you see a dead jellyfish, avoid touching it or stepping on it since you can still get stung.

Why do Jellyfish Sting?

Jellyfish sting to trap prey and also sting as a defense mechanism. They don’t seek out humans, but if they come into contact with one (as they swim or are carried in by the waves) their tentacles reach out and shoot harpoon-like stingers (nematocysts) that contain neurotoxic venom. You can even be stung by a tentacle that is no longer attached to the jellyfish. So, you might want to give them a break from blame. We are swimming in their home.

Jellyfish Stings In The News

Our own Jim Callis, P.A. and Provider Manager shared some advice and tips with WSAV News 3 here in Savannah and the Coastal Empire.

For your Safety: How to treat jellyfish stings

Jellyfish Sting Safety


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