Hydroxychloroquine Observational Study

December 15, 2022

Dr. Jerry Williams of Urgent Care 24/7 discusses a breaking news story that he want to talk to you about which he thinks is really, really super important.

You'll see Dr. Williams looking down, because he's looking at the article just released. He's reading an article from the Washington Examiner, but it is actually an observational study published in medRxiv. It found that the anti malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, along with zinc, could increase the Coronavirus survival rate by as much as 200% if distributed higher doses to ventilated patients with those severe versions of the illness.

Now, let me tell you why that's important. You may have seen my recent video talking about Urgent Care 247 national experience treating over 900 patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin, and other vitamins that there was proof and minerals that there was proof of improved outcomes with COVID-19 infections. That included magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D3. He also spoke in the video how we treated COVID-19 patients with comorbidities or who were just sick if they were presenting with super high fever, and were just very, very ill.

We treated early with those five vitamins, minerals, azithromycin, and high dose and hydroxychloroquine. Now what's important about this article, and the reason Dr. Williams is making another video about this, is because this is actually in severe, mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU on a ventilator. They're showing actually and up to 300% improvement, or decreased likelihood of death at higher doses compared to patients who weren't treated with hydroxychloroquine zinc and as a thermos.

Now, this is really important because now Dr. Williams said all along, because of the data on the mechanism of action of hydroxychloroquine and zinc against the coronaviruses, it was critically important to start people early on these medications before the virus can replicate or reproduce in large numbers, causing the cytokine storm or massive inflammation and immune response in the patient's body. We're showing that patients had an up to 300% increase in likelihood of survival when they got high doses with azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine.

These are very, very sick, advanced COVID-19 infected patients. So this is important to people, because when you're talking about up to 200% above or 300% total of patients, depending on those who would have survived COVID-19. Dr. Williams knows of hospitals that refused to put patients on hydroxychloroquine zinc and azithromycin. When they were inpatients they refused. We literally had patients who came out of the hospital and told us they refused to treat me in the hospital. We've got data coming back on these advanced ill patients, but these advanced COVID-19 very, very old patients who were on a ventilator in the hospital.

Now think about this: Dr. Williams treated 900 patients in his urgent care practice nationally, and we had zero hospitalizations and zero deaths in that cohort. Now we're getting data coming back that up to 300% improvement or a decrease in chance of death and survivability with this, these medications, and the critically ill in the hospital. Now look, what if just a question, what if we would have treated all patients with the affordable, safe hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin and the other four vitamins and minerals that he previously mentioned? What would our outcomes have been? How much death would have been reduced?

Dr. Williams asks you, keeping in mind, these are safe drugs. He doesn't want to hear they're not safe, you're wrong. Anyone who wants that debate to bring it out when it is, so what would have happened nationally? What would happen internationally? If we had used these medications and followed the science, which clearly showed the mechanism of action of hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and that it neutralizes mRNA transcriptase, and thus rendered the Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus, unable to replicate meaning reproduce.

What if we had done that? How many lives would we have saved?

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