A Discussion on Men's Health

December 15, 2022

Dr. Joe DeStefano of Urgent Care 24/7 discusses men's health.

Men's Health starts with good primary care and good health. It needs good holistic health care, looking at diet, exercise, supplements, and if needed, different pharmacological approaches. In Men's Health today, a big issue in our society is that as men age, chest drop, testosterone levels drop much faster than they did several generations ago. Usually around age 40, many men struggle with low testosterone, things that this half has to do with our increased amount of obesity, insulin resistance, and different dietary factors that are hard to escape from in modern life.

There are many insecticides and pesticides that are hormone disruptors, we call them, and they get in our body through what we eat, and will interfere with the different feedback loops in the body controlling the hormone levels. Generally with problems with low tea and men's health, a holistic approach must be undertaken, if the patient does well. You have to look at their weight.

Whether they have insulin resistance are the other integrated systems functioning normally thyroid. For example, if they have hypertension, you need to choose hypertension medications beneficial to the problems, such as medications that reduce insulin resistance do not increase insulin resistance medications that help the health of the blood vessels, such as that coenzyme Q 10 starts to fall at age 40.

This is a ubiquitous substance produced by the liver and helps in our energy cycle. So many times it is beneficial to supplement coenzyme Q 10, which can also impact other health problems. coenzyme Q 10. Supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in hypertension, heart failure, and other conditions, such as that if someone has borderline low tea, the first steps, like so many medical problems, are lifestyle modification, diet and exercise. Exercise is not extreme.

You don't have to go to the gym and work three hours a day, three times a week, to the point of exhaustion. Many times 20 to 30 minutes daily, moderate exercise is actually more beneficial than doing that, definitely more beneficial to your joints as you age. Sometimes even with supplements, diet and lifestyle changes. You have to rely on pharmacologic.

That's where hormone replacement to restore the testosterone level to three to 600 comes into play. Sometimes this is through direct hormone replacement, such as testosterone injections, creams, pellets, patches, or through pituitary analogues like beta HCG to naturally sterility someone's own testosterone production. All this must be done under the care of a physician, a good primary health care plan that encompasses the whole patient.

The other issue with testosterone levels as they fall is increased incidence of depression. Sometimes low testosterone is not a matter of decreased sexual performance, and not feeling as young can actually be deadly. The male functioning for low testosterone could become depressed to the point of suicidal ideation in such as that.

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