Primary Care

Make Your Health a Top Priority

Don’t wait until you’re sick to see a doctor. Here at Urgent Care 24/7, we form relationships with our patients to ensure they get the preventive health care they need to stay healthy and active. Come in any time to make sure you and your loved ones stay healthy year-round.

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said, more than 200 years ago, “A stitch, in time, saves nine.” Taking care of problems when they’re small makes them easier to manage. Whether it’s heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, allergies or any number of other conditions, early detection and treatment are key to successful management of long-term conditions. That’s where preventive care comes into the picture.

Primary Care is a Priority

We’re Commited to Exceptional Healthcare

At Urgent Care 24/7, we get to know you as both a person and a patient because we understand that you need to be able to trust your health care physician. We’re here to help if you suffer from chronic conditions, are prone to certain illnesses or just want to track your health. Drop by today to see our team, you’re welcome here 24/7.

What is Preventative Care?

It’s the flu shot and other vaccinations, including shingles and pneumonia, that keep your family healthy. It’s checking your blood pressure and heart rate. It’s bloodwork to check that your cholesterol, blood sugar, and vitamin D levels are within healthy ranges. It may mean testing your thyroid to be sure it’s functioning correctly.

Cancer screenings are part of preventive care. For many cancers, including skin cancer, early detection is critical to successful treatment. For women, it includes PAP tests, HPV screening, mammograms, and pelvic exams on a regular basis. Men should get prostate cancer screenings after age 50, and everyone should be screened for colon cancer after that age as well. Your primary care physician will also look for signs of cancers like leukemia and lymphoma if needed.

For little ones, preventive care from a primary care physician includes basic hearing and vision tests, height and weight checks, bone density checks and scoliosis screenings. All of these will help you make sure your children are growing healthy and strong. It also includes vaccinations for chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella (German measles), whooping cough, hepatitis A and B, HPV, polio, and tetanus.

Primary care also involves management of longer-term conditions like allergies and some auto-immune conditions that do not require a specialist such as a rheumatologist. Even when conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis require the care of a specialist, they are usually spotted and diagnosed by a primary care physician. In these and many other cases, early detection and treatment is the key to avoiding long term joint damage and other effects of the disease. Most auto-immune conditions are detected initially in a preventive care visit by a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or primary care doctor.

With rapid changes to our healthcare system, health professionals and patients alike are adapting to the new conditions, including increasing wait times to be seen. There’s no need to wait until a situation becomes URGENT to visit an urgent care! The days of waiting weeks or months to be seen by your doctor are over. Let us be your new family physician! The professionals at Urgent Care 24/7 want to be your comprehensive healthcare providers.