Allergy & Asthma Care

Suffering from Allergies and Asthma can really bring a person down

If you’ve suffered from allergies and asthma before then you know the burden it puts on your life – and the lives of those around you. Allergies are terrible, but asthma is the gift that keeps giving as it stays with you for what seems like an eternity. Difficulty breathing is exhausting! Your body shouldn’t have to work so hard to get air.

Unfortunately, asthma has a number of triggers, including physical activity, heat, humidity, pollen, pet dander and more – things we all encounter in everyday life. Allergies often trigger an asthma attack. For a lot of people, they go hand in hand. 

Children with asthma can have obstacles to overcome as they can’t function like other children do, depending on the severity and frequency of their asthma attacks. They have some physical limitations and can experience shortness of breath during “normal” activities like recess, gym class and sports activities. The desire to “fit in” can cause kids to ignore the signs of an impending asthma attack or they may not want to carry that vital inhaler around. Some kids “grow out” of asthma, but not all do.

It’s important to conduct complete allergy testing so that your child’s triggers can be identified and managed through the right medications and avoidance of those triggers. Managing the triggers will help avoid asthma attacks, as will controller medications. With the right management and maintenance program for asthma and allergies, your child can enjoy the playground and “normal” life. But that can’t happen until the underlying triggers and allergies are identified.

If your child is suffering from asthma or dealing with any allergy issue, short or long term, bring them to Urgent Care 24/7 for help from the caring professionals who will help solve the problem and make them feel better. Don’t suffer with allergies and asthma when help is available.

Allergies and Asthma Relief

Why am I still suffering from allergies? it's been more than 2 months.

Are you up all night sniffling, sneezing, with a runny nose, with watery eyes, sinus pressure, or a headache despite weeks of treatment? You don’t have to suffer endlessly! 

We’ve all had cold or allergy symptoms that just won’t go away. Over-the-counter drugs and top-rated online products aren’t helping at all. Home remedies and your Grandma’s chicken soup are useless. It’s time to bring in professional help! Come on into Urgent Care 24 /7 at any of our many locations to get rid of those yucky symptoms once and for all.

Our caring teams will figure out exactly what’s making your eyes water and your nose run. Is it really a cold or is it allergies? The symptoms can be similar, but the treatments are vastly different! 

Time is the best cure for a cold; the virus has to run its course. In the meantime, we manage the symptoms of a cold with decongestants, cough suppressants and soothing home treatments like steam, hot tea and soup. When OTC meds aren’t enough, there are prescription cough suppressants and decongestants that we can offer, but they require a professional to diagnose and make that call.

Allergies are another matter altogether. Allergies will not go away until the allergen is identified and treated correctly. Did you know that not all allergic reactions respond to standard antihistamines like Benadryl, Claritin and Zyrtec? Those meds work most of the time, but not always, which is why it’s so important to have a professional identify the best treatment for your allergies and symptoms. Once you’re on the right regimen of medication and know your allergens, you can avoid them, and life will be much sweeter – and easier!


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